3 Things You Need To Do To Take Proper Care Of Your Tires

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3 Things You Need To Do To Take Proper Care Of Your Tires

29 December 2018
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Your tires get you where you need to go. They also wear out more consistently than other parts on your vehicle, as they come into direct contact with the road. In order to get the most mileage out of your tires, you need to make sure that you are taking proper care of your tires.

#1 Buy Your Tires in Sets

To start with, you should not purchase your tires separately. Your tires work together, and you should purchase your tires together as a set. If you have an all-wheel drive vehicle, you should change all four tires at the same time. If you have a front or rear wheel drive vehicle, you can change the back or front set at different times, although it is still best to change all four tires at the same time.

Putting tires on at the same time will ensure that the tires all wear evenly if you follow the other tire care steps below. Tires that wear evenly will provide you with more even tread and grip, and thus more consistent handling as well.

#2 Set a Rotation Schedule

You need to have your tires rotated on a regular basis. When you rotate your tires, you move your front tires to the back, and the back to the front. When you rotate your tires, you can also move your tires from the left to the right side of your vehicle, and vice-versa. Rotating your tires helps ensure that your tires wear out evenly. If you don't rotate your tires, your front or back tires may wear out quicker and need to be replaced sooner.

If you get a standard oil change every 3,000 miles, you should get your tires rotated every other oil change. If you use synthetic oil and get an oil change every 5,000 – 6,000 miles, you should be rotating your tires with every oil change.

You will have to take your vehicle into your local tire shop after your oil change to have your tires rotated. Doing both of these tasks at the same time, though, is an easy way to ensure that you take care of your tires on time.

#3 Get Your Tires Balanced

When you have your tires rotated, you should also have your tires balanced. When you have your tires balanced, weights are added to your tire around the circumference of the wheel. The weights help keep your tires balanced, as the weight from your tires and rims can vary.

The weights need to be rebalanced when you have your tires rotated, as the weights can shift around and even fall off over time. Additionally, the weight needs of your vehicle can change as well. When you get your tires rotated, you should always have them balanced as well.

In order to take proper care of your tires, you need to purchase your tires in sets and get them rotated and balanced on a set schedule. These are the first steps towards taking proper care of your tires. For more tire maintenance tips, talk to a tire professional in your area.