What's Leaking From Your Car?

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What's Leaking From Your Car?

26 December 2018
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It is never good to have liquids leaking from your car. When you see liquid leaking out of your car, don't panic. Take some time to assess the situation.

Ask Two Important Questions

The first thing you need to do is ask yourself two questions. First, ask yourself where the fluid is coming from. Oftentimes, you will see the fluid running out in front of your car but that doesn't mean that is where the fluid came from.

Go and get a flashlight. Then, follow the trail of fluid Use your flashlight to figure out where the leak is coming from. Knowing where the leak is coming from will help you describe the issue to the mechanic when you take your vehicle in for repairs.

Knowing where the leak is coming to answer the next question you need to ask yourself, "What color is the liquid?"

To determine the cold of the liquid, put a piece of paper or a piece of cardboard under the location where the oil is leaking out of. This will allow you to see what color the oil is, which is going to further help figure out what is happening to your vehicle.

Determine What Type of Fluid Is Leaking

Once you can clearly see the color of the oil, you'll be able to make a better guess at where the liquid is coming from and what action you need to take next.

If the liquid is clear, you have nothing to worry about. Condensation develops in your vehicle's air conditioning and heating system and often leaks out of the bottom of your vehicle. Do not worry about clear liquid.

If the liquid is dark brown, you have some sort of oil leaking out of your vehicle. It could be brake fluid. Leaking brake fluid means that your vehicle's brakes will not respond as expected if you keep driving. Or it could be leaking motor oil. Leaking motor oil is pretty common with older vehicles.

If the liquid is red or pink, that means that either your transmission or power steering are leaking fluid. This is a pretty serious leak. Without transmission fluid, your engine could overheat and without power steering fluid, you will not be able to navigate your vehicle correctly.

If the vehicle is orange, that generally means that some rust has gotten into either your radiator or transmission. Orange fluid generally means that rust is breaking down an important component on your vehicle.

Once you know the location and color of the leak, call and let your mechanic know what you observed. This will help give them an idea of what is wrong with your vehicle and how urgently you need to get your vehicle in for repairs. In addition, he or she can run auto diagnostics to help you find out what is really wrong.