Four Signs Your Windshield Wasn't Installed Correctly

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Four Signs Your Windshield Wasn't Installed Correctly

24 December 2018
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There is always someone who seems to be able to do everything that a professional can do, even without the same training. Windshield replacement is no exception. If you had your windshield replaced by a friend or other person who doesn't hold any professional credentials – you've likely made a mistake. Learn about some of the common pitfalls that come with an unprofessional installation.


Water should never seep in around the edges of the glass. If you notice moisture on your dashboard when it rains, the water is leaking through the glass because the windshield was not properly adhered. If the glass didn't adhere correctly, it is also at risk of completely caving in and failing. Remember, it's never supposed to rain in your car — so have the matter addressed right away. 

Improper Handling

You can tell if you're going to have a problem with your windshield replacement at the time the glass is installed. When a professional installs a windshield, he or she always wears gloves. The new glass is covered in a urethane material that helps make the window more adhesive during the installation process. If any oil gets on the chemical, including the oil from your hands, it will weaken the adhesive, which could cause the adhesion to fail. If the person doesn't have gloves, it's evident they don't know what they're doing. 

Unusual Sounds

When you drive at higher speeds, do you notice a strange sound coming from the area around your windshield? If so, it's likely the noise can be attributed to a problem with the installation of the glass. The noise you hear is a result of air that is traveling through the edge of the glass when your vehicle moves quickly, and the problem means that the glass was not installed securely. This problem seems annoying initially but is incredibly dangerous.

Variations in the Glass

Inconsistencies in the glass is another problem to look out for. There are some auto glass manufacturers who only sell their products to licensed professionals. So, your friend that's doing you a favor likely didn't get your glass from these top-rated suppliers. As a result, your glass might come from a used vehicle or a second-rate supplier. The variations in the glass could come from damage caused when the glass was installed in the previous vehicle or poor design. Either way, it's not the professional finish you need. 

If you recognize these signs or other red flags, your installation was not performed correctly. Take your vehicle to a professional installer to have the problems corrected or a new windshield replacement installed.