Maximize Stopping Power In Your Large Service Truck Or Van

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Maximize Stopping Power In Your Large Service Truck Or Van

21 December 2018
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Good stopping power is essential for any motor vehicle, but for larger service vans or trucks, superior stopping power is a must for safety. If you have a new fleet of service vehicles that you plan to put out on the road soon, it's important that you not overlook this information. Before you send your vehicles out, learn how you can maximize the stopping power of your new vehicles. 

Heavy Duty Brakes

Invest in heavy-duty brakes for your service vehicle. Heavy duty brakes are important because they are designed to be more durable than light to medium duty brakes, particularly when it comes to larger vehicles, such as a large truck or van. In addition to increased durability, these brake systems typically have increased stopping power that is better suited to accommodate the weight of these larger vehicles. Upgrade to heavy-duty brakes if you haven't already.

Regular Service

No matter what types of brakes you have installed, you must be committed to regular maintenance. As your business grows, your drivers will respond to more service calls. Remember, when it comes to brakes, increased mileage also means increased wear. If your brakes start to wear and you aren't replacing the parts, they will become useless and it's more likely that the vehicle won't be able to stop when it's most important. 

Safe Driving Practices

Your drivers should also practice safe driving habits. A properly functioning brake system is but half the task when it comes to maximizing stopping power, but how the drivers operate their vehicles is also important. Ensure your team is committed to following the speed limit and also understand the importance of remaining a safe distance behind the vehicle in front of them.

Tire Care

The conditions of a vehicle's tires also impact its brake system. First, ensure that the tires on the vehicle are properly inflated. A pressure reading that is too high or too low can cause issues. Second, replace the vehicle tires when they are worn. An underinflated tire doesn't have much grip. As a result, when the brakes try to stop the vehicle, the tires won't be able to properly grip the road and stop the vehicle. In addition to stopping power, worn tires can also create extra stress for the braking system. 

Make sure you don't neglect your service trucks and their braking concerns. The more you focus on this area, the better you can work towards safety, which is important for your drivers and the general public.