Signs That A Used Freightliner Is A Good Buy

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Signs That A Used Freightliner Is A Good Buy

18 December 2018
 Categories: Automotive, Blog

Whether you own a transportation company or are planning to become an owner-operator of a freightliner, you're sure to know that purchasing a freightliner requires a very large financial investment. In order to save money when making such a large purchase, many transportation companies and owner-operators choose to buy a used freightliner. Buying used can lead to big savings upfront, but the key is to purchase the right used freightliner. The last thing you want is to buy a used freightliner only for it to become a money pit that is not reliable. Continue reading to learn more about the signs that indicate that a used freightliner is a good buy:

Available Maintenance Records

It is never a good idea to purchase a used freightliner if all maintenance records are not available. A full set of maintenance records can tell you a lot about the condition of a used freightliner and help you determine if it has a lot of life and miles left in it. Analyzing the maintenance records can also give you a good idea about how the truck was treated and cared for by the previous owner. A semi-truck that has been very well maintained over the years and serviced according to the manufacturer's recommended schedule is less likely to experience serious problems and will last a lot longer than a freightliner that has been neglected.

No Rust

If you're interested in a specific used freightliner, one of the first things that you should do is carefully and closely inspect the truck for any signs of rust. Always do you inspection during the day when there is ample light available so you will be able to see rust spots, no matter how small. If a used freightliner has rust, it is in your best interest to pass on the truck and find a different one to purchase. Once a freightliner begins rusting, it is no longer structurally sound, and in most cases, it is not easily to repair this issue. A freightliner without any rust can be a very good buy.

Tires in Good Condition

Another thing to check out when looking for a used freightliner is the condition of the tires. While tires for semi-trucks can be very expensive to replace, the condition of the tires can also tell you a lot about the truck. If you notice cracks, uneven wear in the tread or other defects, it can indicate that the freightliner has been regularly overload, has been driven with underinflated tires, or has been parked in very wet areas. Always go for a used freightliner that has tires that are in excellent condition. Search at companies like Arrow Truck Sales to find the right truck for your needs.